Good Pet Food Kitchen was born from the desire to help pet guardians feed a natural, fresh and nutritionally balanced diet to their beloved pets. It’s not rocket science, although it is science based.

_MG_3412Our goal is simple. To increase the quality and length of our animal companions lives through real food that they LOVE to eat.

Our approach to canine and feline nutrition is the same as how we feed ourselves, highest quality ingredients prepared to retain maximum goodness and flavour with nothing artificial. Made with love and care to human standards.

All our recipes are thoroughly researched and tested.

Our Kitchen prepares beautiful, nutritionally balanced meals daily and then refrigerates and freezes them at the correct temperatures to ensure the highest quality is delivered to your pets.

Pet Nutrition the Way Nature Intended

At Good Pet Food Kitchen we have taken time to develop strong relationships with farmers who are producing the best quality pasture raised lamb and beef, free range chickens and eggs and sustainably harvested fish. We use only the freshest vegetables, fruit, herbs, seaweed, nuts, seeds and oils. We use organic whenever possible. Organ meat is a vital ingredient.

Dogs and cats do not digest most grains easily. Their best source of energy comes from non-carbohydrate sources like animal protein, raw fat and raw bone, in the right amounts.

Although carbohydrate from sources such as corn and wheat are a very economical ‘filler’ in commercial pet food (30-60% found in big brand commercial pet foods), at Good Pet Food Kitchen we choose to use mostly vegetables and fruit for our lower carbohydrate content. Many of our recipes are grain-free. In some recipes we use small amounts of rice, oats or quinoa.

We believe in feeding a combination of raw and lightly cooked pet meals which is reflected in our menu selection. Variety and rotation is key to a balanced pet nutrition feeding plan, which is why we create recipes that incorporate the best seasonal produce. A dog or cat in the wild would never catch the same prey day after day, why should they been given the same meal day after day by the human companions?

Good Pet Food Kitchen wants all pets to experience the joy and health giving benefits of real food made with love and knowledge.