Food and Love

Throughout history, a connection between food and love has been made.

In cultures around the world, pride is taken in preparing food with love for friends and family. Sharing a meal with loved ones is a time of conversation, passion, love and laughter. Most of us can taste the difference in meals that have been prepared with love and care and meals that are mass produced for convenience. Who doesn’t love an old-school dinner party at a good friends house? You leave feeling nourished and loved by their efforts to make you a delicious meal.

Surely this good energy and love translates to our furry friends as well.

Although lots of pets will eat almost anything, such is their scavenging nature, the pleasure they experience when eating fresh, real food is undeniable. Have you ever watched a dog gnawing on a bone or a cat chewing on some fresh meat?

I have been very fortunate to care for many different animals over the years and have had numerous opportunities to see the difference between placing a bowl of dry, highly process ‘food’ that comes from a bag, in front of a pet compared to when pets have watched me prepare real food especially for them. They LOVE it!

In veterinary clinics and pet stores, when pet guardians ask vets if their pets get bored eating the same dry food day in, day out, the standard response is “they have a lot less taste buds than us humans so it doesn’t really matter to them”.

At Good Pet Food Kitchen we disagree. Dogs also have an olfactory system way more advanced than ours. It is said their sense of smell is up to 400 times stronger than ours. With such a highly tuned sense of smell how could they not tell different between real food and boring, dry, processed food?

Preparing nutrient rich, real food for your furry family member can be a little time consuming, but doing it right brings so much joy and good health, it is definitely worth the effort. And don’t forget, Love is the magic ingredient.