Chicken, Turkey, Duck And Quail

Poultry is fantastic for dogs. The smaller raw bones are very manageable for most dogs, even very small breeds. The bones in chicken and duck necks and wings are the perfect size for smaller dogs. Similarly, the tiny bones of quail are fantastic. Bigger dogs (over about 15kg’s) can usually manage breaking down the soft, raw cartilage of poultry carcasses but remember to always observe while they do.

At GPFK we use cage free/ free range and hormone free poultry from reputable farmers.

Remember raw fat, in the right amount, is a great source of energy for healthy dogs. We do recommend removing about half of the raw fat from poultry as they are not as lean as wild birds.

Cooked fats are not easily digested by dogs so at GPFK we remove as much fat as possible from the chicken before cooking or making our beautiful, nourishing chicken stock.