Eggs are amazing little powerhouses of goodness. Good quality, free range, pasture raised eggs provide a full range of vitamins and minerals, essential amino acids and omega-3 fatty acids.

Whole eggs are best as the yolk and white work together in nutritional harmony. Too much egg white may decrease biotin (a B group vitamin) levels in dogs, so keep the egg white omelettes to yourself!

Raw or lightly cooked eggs are best. At GPFK we try to keep the yolks runny so as not to alter the goodness these provide. Soft boiled (approximately 3 & ½ minutes) or lightly scrambled is the best way to cook if not going raw.

Eggshell powder was a revelation at GPFK. In the correct quantity, it’s such a great source of calcium for dogs that can’t manage raw bones or whenever we prepare dog meals without bone. And it means we waste nothing of that precious little ‘bum-nut’.

We only use the best eggs. You will notice the difference in the texture of eggshell from good quality eggs. It is much stronger and thicker than caged chicken eggshells.

We collect our eggshells, wash them thoroughly in warm water then bake them in a 170 degree oven for about 8 minutes to kill any bacteria. Once cool, we grind them to a fine powder. Voila! The perfect calcium supplement for your dog! Isn’t Mother Nature a genius?!


Image Caption: Molly sniffing the goodness!