Fish is a fantastic source of protein for dogs.

Canned mackerel, kippers and sardines with all their small soft bones (for calcium), minerals and omega-3 fatty acids that are great for dogs.

Farmed fish is not ideal as it is often fed questionable ‘food’, antibiotics, pesticides and possibly growth hormones. And stocks of certain species of wild fish are sadly dwindling to uncomfortably low levels so at GPFK we chose wisely and use fish in moderation.

Fish can be fed raw or lightly cooked, although be aware if you are reading this in North America that your salmon may carry a bacteria that is toxic to dogs so please cook your salmon before feeding to your pooches. Dogs seem to prefer the flavour of cooked fish.

A fish based diet can be a great solution for dogs with certain food allergies. Fish meals are great for elderly dogs and dogs with sensitive digestive systems as it is an easily digestible form of protein.

Air dried fish are tasty little treats and most dogs seem to love them. Great for training treats.