Meat & Organ meat

The importance of good quality muscle meat and organ meat cannot be empathized enough when feeding a natural diet. Raw meat, including raw fat and bones, is best in its nutritional values and is more easily digested by dogs.  Lightly cooked fresh meat is still great but never feed cooked fat or cooked bones.  Dogs cannot digest either and can lead to medical issues such as pancreatitis and/or a perforated digestive system.

Muscle and organ meat contains essential amino acids, vitamin A, lots of B group vitamins, essential fatty acids, Including Omega 3’s and 6, antioxidants and trace elements.

Organ meats, such as heart and liver should make up no more than 20% of each meal as it can be quite rich, but is packed with important nutrients required for growth, maintenance and reproduction. Liver in particular contains higher levels of Vitamin A so don’t overdo it in the long term as too much Vitamin A can become toxic in dogs.

Always aim for pasture fed or organic beef and lamb, whenever possible, as it has an excellent mix of fatty acids, while lesser quality grain fed, cheaper meats can contain almost no omega 3’s at all.