Value for money

At Good Pet Food Kitchen, our products are priced per kilo, generally this ranges from $20 to $25 per kilo. This is on par with the top veterinary and pet store premium brand pet foods. Except we are FRESH !! And lovingly made in a kitchen, by human hands.

We currently sell in 250 gram containers = $5 – $6.25 and 500 gram = $10 to $12.50.

Please see our feeding chart to determine how much you would need daily for your dog.

As a guide a 10kg dog would need between 300-500 grams of Good Pet Food Kitchen per day. This is an average only and correct feed amounts also depends on your dog’s activity levels and current bodyweight (ie: is your dog under or over weight? Or just right?)

If you decide to feed commercial dry food in conjunction with Good Pet Food Kitchen, be sure to adjust the amounts of each so that the total intake of food for the day is correct. Please contact us or your veterinarian if you are unsure how to do this.

Good Pet Food Kitchen meals can also be given as an occasional special meal if your dog does not have a sensitive stomach. Even feeding one real food meal per week will have a very positive impact on your dog’s health.