Augustine’s Super Boost



Augustine’s SuperBoost is the world’s first 100% certified organic supplement made entirely from wholefoods and specially formulated for canines. This nutritional powerhouse is suitable for ALL dogs.

At Good Pet Food Kitchen uses only the best natural ingredients and Augustine’s Super Boost is the perfect supplement to add even more pow to your dogs meal. If you’re inspired by our delicious recipes and decide to whip up some goodness at home, adding a teaspoon ( amount for a 10-15kg dog) of  Super Boost takes your dog’s dinner next level.

Can be added to dry, canned, raw & homemade meals.

Augustine’s SuperBoost contains ingredients used by top performing athletes.  It is packed with so much goodness that not only is it safe for human consumption, we actually encourage you to add it to your own food.  It is an excellent addition to smoothies