ALL BARKS — Minnow Fish


100% Australian, naturally air and freeze-dried white minnow fish. NO Additives, NO Preservatives, NO Sprays, NO Chemicals

The perfect soft treat that dogs love! You can even break them up for smaller treats. Packed full of anti-oxidants, omega 3 and glucosamine for joints. This product is nutritionally the same as fresh. Low temperatures are used with the dehydration process so we don’t destroy or denature the product in any way. This way the dried skin absorbs all the nutritional benefits from the fat that has been dried away leaving this treat low in fat and high in healthy benefits!

  • This product comes in re-sealable packaging keeping them fresher for longer.
  • Expiry dates on this product will always have 6 months to consume.
  • Made at a human consumption grade.
  • High protein content.
  • This is a sustainable product.
  • Fished from Fraser Island, Queensland, and packed in Sydney, Australia.
  • Cats love them too!
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