The Ancestral Diet

You’ve probably heard this term before, Ancestral Diet. The human version of late has been The Paleo Diet, drawing its name from the Paleolithic era, which ended around 10,000 years ago when basic agriculture by humans started, including the domestication of animals. The Paleo Diet or Caveman Diet basic principle is eating only foods that were eaten in caveman days. Meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, grasses, seeds, fruits, berries were in. Grains, legumes, dairy foods and refined sugars were out.

The Canine Ancestral Diet works on similar principles. The goal is to recreate the canines ‘prey animal’ as closely as possible.

Wolves, foxes, jackals, dingoes, coyotes. Modern day dogs are quite different in physical appearance and yet anatomically are still very similar. The digestive tracts and nutritional requirements of a cute little West Highland Terrier is virtually identical to that of a wild wolf and yet modern day dog diets have drifted so far from natural. A cup of dry “food” that’s been sitting in a bag on a shelf for many, many months anyone? Sure, throw it in my bowl, I’m a dog, I’ll eat virtually anything anyway!! Doesn’t mean I think it’s good for me, or that it’s particularly tasty, although all those additives, preservatives and flavourings helps. Just like kids and sugar laden breakfast cereal.

That little Westie would love to get his teeth stuck into a tasty little quail that he spotted running through the undergrowth. The chase would give the Westie great exercise, mental stimulation, increased metabolic rate and the thrill of the kill. Once he had his prey quail and had caught his breath, he would rip into that poor little bird, probably pulling the guts out first and eating the internal organs, heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, stomach, intestines and their contents including partially digested grasses and seeds. Westie would probably swallow a few feathers in the process. No worries there, just more fibre! Westie would then hook into the tender, juicy muscle meat, full of delicious, strength building amino acids, vitamins, minerals and all important animal protein.

Crunchy, raw bones, no problem either. That strong canine jaw and dental structure that evolved over the past 120 million years is for exactly that, crunching bones. Packed with health giving calcium, the bones would also help clean Westie’s strong teeth, as well as maintaining the correct all important calcium /phosphorus balance.

And because the canine digestive tract is much shorter than ours and its digestive acids stronger, the whole prey animal is easily broken down and nutrients absorbed to build a strong, fit, healthy dog.

The closer we can get to feeding our dogs a recreation of their ‘prey animal’ the happier, healthier and longer their lives will be.

We humans know that we cannot lead sustained, healthy, long lives eating processed junk every day, so why should our dogs? Would you really feed your human child highly processed breakfast cereal EVERY day? Sure it claims to be nutritionally balanced, but for every meal? Without milk!? And withhold all fresh foods such as meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, and fruit? That kid would surely get sick after time, don’t you logically think?

At Good Pet Food Kitchen our goal is to help as many pet guardians as possible feed their pets natural diets. Either through the information we share and inspiring pet guardians to prepare homemade, nutritionally balanced meals themselves or by offering the best, the freshest, real food for dogs and cats available in Australia. Every treasured pet deserves food from a Good Pet Food Kitchen.

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